Swedish IT and Telecom Industries is a member organization for companies of all sizes within the entire IT and telecom sector, that wish to join the largest industry network in Sweden in order to promote and further develop the IT market and conditions for IT enterprises. We represent about 1,200 member companies that between them have nearly 100 000 employees.

Swedish IT and Telecom Industries is one of seven branch and employer associations that work together as Almega. Basic membership offers companies advice on sector issues and the opportunity to access collective agreements and employer support.

Swedish IT and Telecom Industries' members are also members of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise ‘Svenskt Näringsliv'.

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Employer support

Advice and support on issues related to employer/employee relationships.

Members of the employers' section can seek advice on employment and contractual issues through Almega or regional advisers. They have access to Almega specialists in e.g. employment law, work environments, equality and pay structures. Members can also obtain legal advice in employment law disputes and support when negotiating with union organizations.

Industry specific agreements and flexible collective agreements plus employment-related insurance

Swedish IT and Telecom Industries have signed collective agreements on pay and general terms and conditions of employment for IT and Telecom companies respectively. These are signed with Sveriges Ingenjörer, Civilekonomerna, Jusek, Unionen and SEKO.

Employment related insurance

Members who have signed these collective agreements are also required to sign insurance arrangement agreements reached between PTK and Svenskt Näringsliv.

Agreements and products

Standard contracts for IT companies in Sweden have enjoyed a strong position for many years. They are commonly used today and frequently accepted as industry practice in Swedish courts of law.

One of the basic aims of such standard contracts is to create a reasonable balance between the nature of the product, price and services supplied.

A commercial contract consists of two parts - a unique part for the specific agreement and a general part consisting of a standard contract.

For the standard contract to form part of the individual contract, the main rule is that the opposite party must know about the standard contract. This is done by enclosing the standard contract with the individual contract.

Please note that although these standard contracts are available in translated English versions, these are not legally valid outside Sweden.

Please contact Mamite Andersson for more questions regarding our standard contracts.


Swedish IT and Telecom Industries have about 1,000 member companies that between them have nearly 100,000 employees. Click here to see our members.

If you would like to have more information on membership issues - please contact Ulrika Kohlin

Councils, projects and debate


Swedish IT and Telecom Industries' members can join councils geared towards different specialist areas. These councils monitor developments within the IT industry and society and launch initiatives and projects on specific issues.


Swedish IT and Telecom Industries pursue and participate in a number of projects in prioritized areas. Our involvement consists of providing expert knowledge and/or project management.


Swedish IT and Telecom Industries pursue issues that are important for the industry. We engage in different forms of lobbying that take a long-term approach. For instance we work closely with public and private sector decision-makers and opinion formers in various ways, produce think piece articles and have close contacts with journalists and other media representatives.

We appear at numerous committee hearings each year, where we represent our industry on issues that government departments and other authorities are addressing.
Please contact us for more information about lobbying and/or any other specific issue.


Please do not hesitate to contact Public Relations Manager Sofia Yngwe.